HYPOTHESIS XIII – Singapore 2018

The purpose of the HYPOTHESIS series is to provide a forum where representatives from industry, public laboratories, universities and governmental agencies can meet, discuss and present the most recent advances in hydrogen technology.

The conference address all aspects, theoretical, experimental and prototype developments, of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

The series started in 1995 with the conference held in Gaeta and now has reached the ninth edition.

Sometimes the conference was defined superb, excellent, unforgettable and we hope to continue with the same scientific level and hospitality standard.
This was the first time HYPOTHESIS  took its journey to Asia in Singapore.

Dr. Roberto C. Dante, CEO of 2Dto3D, was in charge of  a key note conference on HYDROGEN PRODUCTION BY PHOTOCATALYSIS OF CARBON NITRIDE. Carbon nitrides are materials developed by 2Dto3D and Dr. Dante exposed the properties of this wonder material as a photocatalyst to produce hydrogen (energy carrier and fuel of the future) from water.