2Dto3D carries out research & innovation projects on demand, related to material science and engineering. We name this “toll research”.

We can adapt our network of laboratories and research centers around the world to fit the needs of the client and open the possibility of new solutions, new products, and new raw materials. Through our network, many investigation techniques and experts are available to us and our customers.

Examples of available instruments:

Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy (SEM &TEM),

X-ray diffractometry XRD with identification of crystalline phases,

Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy FTIR to determine structure and functional groups of both organic and inorganic compounds,

HPLC, GPC chromatography,gas chromatography GC-MS, XRF

ICP-MS, thermal conductivity, thermal gravimetric analysis TGA, differential scanning calorimetry DSC, etc…

And many others on request…