Zirconium silicate

We offer a full service, selecting and supplying the most suitable zirconium silicate grade to our clients in order to achieve the best performances in their products.

Special grades are developed on demand in order to satisfy specific requests. The service includes all the shipping management up to CIP delivery and even, when requested, a DDP delivery.

Because of its low thermal expansion coefficients and high thermal shock resistance, zircon (zirconium silicate) finds widespread use in the ceramic foundry, refractory industries, and as an opacifier in ceramic industry.

Zircon is the primary mineral resource for the production of zirconium metal (Zr) and zirconia (ZrO2). Zirconia is one of the most refractory substances known and is the basis of a variety of advanced ceramic materials ranging from high ionic conductivity to high mechanical strength and toughness (see jet engine blades).

Zircon sand is milled up to achieve the desired size distribution. A scanning electron image of zircon flour with particles below 75 micrometers. is shown below.